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April 11, 2018


Buhay Carinderia was launched Wednesday in a grand press conference led by no less than Tourism Sec. Wanda Teo and Tourism and Promotions Board head Cesar Montano.

The project is the brainchild of Marylindbert International’s Erlinda Legaspi.

Legaspi says that this is an advocacy of hers to promote Filipino food, products, delicacies, and cultural heritage. She also seeks to encourage and inspire entrepreneurs to use and uplift Filipino food in their businesses.

“We have been doing this project since 2011 and used to call it Carinderia Fiesta,” Legaspi shared and emphasized that she simply approached DOT and TPB for support and grateful that Teo and Montano agreed to support the project as co-presentors.

The team of Legaspi will curate the best delicacies and recipes from the regions in each leg. The project will have five legs: Vigan to feature the Cordillera region in June, Pampanga to feature the Central Luzon region in July, Bicol in August, Cebu to feature the Visayas in September, Davao to feature Mindanao in October and then the grand culmination in Manila in November or December.

Legaspi distanced Buhay Carinderia from Madrid Fusion and clarified that the project shall not be a replacement for Madrid Fusion Manila but will be independent of it.

When the Tourism Promotions Board had decided on shelving Madrid Fusion Manila, TPB head Montano had stated that Buhay Carinderia was to become the flagship culinary project of TPB. However, Madrid Fusion Manila had since been reconsidered and now slated for Septebmer 25-29. As such, the TPB will now have two grand culinary projects that will run independent of each other: Madrid Fusion Manila and Buhay Carinderia.

To reach out to the millennials, Legaspi’s team has also hired Erwan Heussaff to be the content creator for the project. They will also have a mentoring program in cooperation with the Department of Education to teach students how to cook Filipino food.

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