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October 7, 2018


Media, particularly traditional media, has always dictated who the public should support or condemn. What happens when a media giant finds itself in the middle of such controversy? What happens when a situation forces the institution to question its own beliefs and corporate culture, particularly its stance in defending the rights of the abused, especially women?

That’s what happened last October 5 when Gretchen Fullido filed a sexual harassment and libel case before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office. This was after the ABS-CBN management rejected her sexual harassment complaint.

What Fullido did was brave. Filing a sexual harassment complaint in the workplace is a touchy subject particularly in our society. Nobody wants to lose their job by supporting a co-worker who is going against the system, even if she’s fighting for her rights. Strangely enough, the usual #BabaeAko political and celebrity advocates are quiet too.

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