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July 3, 2014

Make up ala Maleficent

MAC maleficent 1

One of my favorite movies this year is Maleficent. Other than the fact that I am a fan of Elle Fanning (liked her since I saw her in Super 8) and an even bigger fan of Angelina Jolie (who isn’t, right?), I absolutely loved the way the movie was made. I also liked how they tweaked the story a little bit to make true love about more than just romantic love, a theme that seems to be catching on in fairy tales these days.

With a movie like Maleficent, you can expect a whole range of merchandise to come out with it to capitalize on the success of the film. A brilliant example is the limited edition MAC Maleficent make up line.

With Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning looking fabulous in the movie, it will definitely make you want to buy the products in the line. They have a range of items for the eyes, face, lips, and nails.

Maleficent MAC13

But it seems the favorite in the line are the bold red Maleficent lipstick and pro longwear lip pencil. Both are sold out in stores and online.

Maleficent MAC15

The Maleficent line is already sold out in stores here (it was only available in MAC Glorietta & Powerplant). The good news is it’s still available online. Check out the products at


Photos from Vogue and MAC Cosmetics

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