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The Paradox of Philippine Rice

By: Margaux Salcedo
The Philippines is among the top ten rice-producing countries in the world yet for decades it has failed to achieve food self-sufficiency. Its farme ...


By: Margaux Salcedo
The Duterte Administration is determined to achieve an economy where growth is felt not only by big businesses but also by the masses. “The pa ...


By: Margaux Salcedo
There is no hiding it or spinning it anymore. The statement is as clear as a summer day: Duterte wants US troops out. To make sure that admin spin d ...

Ban Filipinos from the US? More like ban Trump from the Philippines

By: Margaux Salcedo
Think twice before you mess with Filipinos, Donald Trump. Ban Filipinos from the US? No way, Jose. Cong. Joey Salceda instead wants Trump banned fro ...
Bill filed to Ban Donald Trump from the Philippines

LJM: Mentor, Mother, North Star

By: Margaux Salcedo
There was a full moon on Christmas Eve when Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc passed away. “Not since 1977 has a full moon dawned in the skies on Christmas,” N ...

DOTC Thinks We’re Stupid. Brings in New Trains WITHOUT MOTORS

By: Margaux Salcedo
It really pisses me off to hear Transportation Sec. Jun Abaya and his minions at the DOTC say that there are new trains arriving, ergo traffic will ...
ManilaSpeak DOTC Metro Manila MRT Traffic Jun Abaya Migs Sagcal

Guanzon Embarrassing COMELEC, Bautista

By: Margaux Salcedo
If there’s anyone to blame for the fact that Comelec can no longer refurbish the PCOS machines but must instead lease new ones, it’s the ...

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