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By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
The St. James the Great Bazaar is the most awaited bazaar by most shopaholics in the south, where products from artisans, manufacturers, traders, im ...

Rainy Days During Bazaar Days

By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
This is the worst time to have a bazaar. I can’t argue with that. People don’t want to go through the traffic. The only thing they want ...

A Pop-Up For The Modern Home

By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
The problem with most of the bazaars nowadays is that there’s nothing unique with what they’re selling. From the corners of Divisoria to ...

How Can You Prevent Theft In A Bazaar?

By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
Truth be told, you can’t prevent theft. You can only minimize it. As a concessionaire you have to be aware of the scenarios and try to prevent ...

Bazaars for the 4th Quarter of 2015

By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
Not all bazaars were created equal. Just because it is a bazaar doesn’t mean you will have brisk sales. You have to do your homework by visiti ...

Bazaars: List of Requirements

By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
I love selling. I love talking to people and showing them ideas on how to use the products my company creates. I just hate paperwork. I don’t ...

These Bazaars Are Accepting Applications

By: Rica Palomo-Espiritu
What makes a bazaar successful? Good sales, of course!

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