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Rod Vera

Atty. Rod Vera is a law school professor, litigator and copyright lecturer. He earned his Masters of Laws from the University of San Francisco, School of Law, specializing in Intellectual Property and Technology Law. He is an advocate for constitutional rights, civil liberties, and protection of the arts.

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Twitter: @attyvera


By: Rod Vera
In the last half of 2016, a new law took effect, the Anti-Distracted Driving Law (R.A. 10913). Twenty years ago, mobile (cellular, if you are Americ ...

Can Corporations Get Hurt?

By: Rod Vera
A recent article by the editors of ManilaSpeak (See HERE) got this representation to think. Can corporations or in legal terms “juridical entities” ...

Being Grounded Or Curfew – That Is The Question

By: Rod Vera
The Supreme Court (SC) of the Philippines issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) on several ordinances by the cities of Metro Manila. With the p ...

What The Heck Is A Demurrer?

By: Rod Vera
The Supreme Court (SC) of the Philippines has decided that Gloria Arroyo (GMA) be released and the charges against her dropped. Take note, the SC di ...

David Without The Slingshot

By: Rod Vera
On 12 July 2016, an international arbitration panel in Hague, Netherlands meted out a decision that China has no historic title over the waters of t ...

Why Mar is the wrong choice

By: Rod Vera
There should be admiration for those who don’t support the popular. There should be some appreciation for those who go against those in power. But w ...

A Bad Review is Not Libelous

By: Rod Vera
The hottest news of the week is the libel lawsuit filed by a celebrity stylist against a fashion blogger. While this representation will not doubt t ...

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