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Preparing a meal is influenced by the ingredients you have, what you know, and the time you have left. Those are the basics. The rest of it, your family, who you’re cooking for, what you’re celebrating, these are a little different for every person. They all create a little bit of pressure that builds up in you while you’re cooking or baking. Sometimes it’s just enough to create a delicious bite of heaven.

Cacao Nib Brownies

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
I usually see people make brownies with nuts, but I don’t always enjoy them. I find them missing that extra chocolate umph. Some people will add cho ...

Bacon and Egg Salad Sandwich Spread

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Bacon and eggs are a classic breakfast meal. Though Filipinos often have it with rice, sometimes having it with bread is a requirement, especially i ...

The Secret to A Creamier Cheese Pimiento Spread

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Cheese pimiento sandwiches for merienda throw me back to childhood. There’d be a big bottle of store bought cheese spread in the refrigerator we’d t ...


By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Last weekend I had friends over who had a bad week. They requested that I make them a cocktail to ease their worries while we were waiting for dinne ...

It Tastes Like Cebu Lechon But It’s Liempo!

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
During a birthday party of one of my uncles, my Mom was seated in front of a Cebu lechon. As we got into the car to drive home, she stated, “We can ...

Shepherd’s Pie / S.O.S. (Sh*t on Shingles)

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
I was requested to post this recipe, as one of my friends thought it was already on ManilaSpeak. She was horrified it wasn’t posted yet. I had to se ...
Shepherds Pie Recipe, Louise L. Hagedorn, Food Under Pressure

Mom’s Caviar Pie

By: Louise L. Hagedorn
Caviar Pie was the craze in Manila about a decade ago. I first encountered it when my Mom made her version at home. She had seen it at a clan get-to ...
Caviar Pie, Louise Hagedorn, December, 2014

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