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Lilledeshan Bose

Lilledeshan Bose was born in Baguio and raised in Manila, Philippines. She graduated with an English degree (major: creative writing) from the University of the Philippines in 1997.

Her works of fiction, essay and poetry have been published in magazines, books and newspapers in the United States, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Finland and China. In 2002, she published the teen novel “Una and Miguel: A Long Shot at Love.”

Bose has dabbled in film, music and performance poetry. These days, she obsesses over concert photography and yoga.

Lia and Camille

By: Lilledeshan Bose
The people: Lia, 16. A junior in St. Sophia’s all-girls high school. Best friends with: Camille, 15.  Also a  junior in  St. Sophia’s all-girls high ...

Why I Won’t Have Sex With You

By: Lilledeshan Bose
If you really want to know, it’s because my thighs are too big. They slump across the bed, too heavy to move apart, but slightly, at the knees. Wave ...

Break-Up Stories

By: Lilledeshan Bose
I. Oh, what a night The last time I saw trees shaping strips of moonlight into curves, I was ten. We―my sisters, my yaya, bunches of kinchay, strawb ...

The Mango Summer

By: Lilledeshan Bose
Here, there is no electricity after six-o clock. When it gets dark, we use Coleman lamps that you pump to get going; they look like ovens. It’s like ...

White Boy

By: Lilledeshan Bose
What it’s like. It’s like being in a Hollywood movie. You’re running your fingers through his sandy blonde hair, looking into his ...

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