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By: Goldee Salcedo
No costume yet for this weekend? No problem! If you still don’t have an outfit for halloween and don’t have the time to look for one tha ...

More Than Just Toys From Mayown

By: Goldee Salcedo
When I first saw this online, I was really drawn to how colorful the toys are and really liked that they are animals. Looking at the pictures more c ...

Let Your Poop Drop With No Anxiety!

By: Goldee Salcedo
I finally got to visit Common Room because they recently opened a store in Powerplant Mall. I’ve always wanted to visit them but never got to ...

Master Pan For Your Inner Master Chef

By: Goldee Salcedo
I’ve seen so many photos on Facebook about a pan that can cook multiple items at the same time. The concept is so cool yet so simple, I’ ...

Forever21’s New Free Styling Service Could Be Your Next Addiction

By: Goldee Salcedo
Since Forever21 opened in the Philippines it has become everyone’s favorite store for the latest in trendy apparel and accessories. With its r ...

HYPE MNL: Living Up To The Hype

By: Goldee Salcedo
I was passing through Cinderella in Glorietta and was happy to see that they carry a bunch of local brands. One of them is HYPE MNL, which offers ca ...

Affordable Summer Essentials From Feet and Right

By: Goldee Salcedo
Summer is definitely upon us! Every time I get out of the house I literally feel like I’m melting! And every time I feel like I’m meltin ...

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